Google Books and Microsoft OneNote for coding data


An encouraging norm is emerging where scholars release alongside their data, a large pdf of textual summaries and specific quotes used in the coding decision. I’ve tinkered with different systems for doing this including word, excel, and access, but what I have recently discovered works best is surprisingly Microsoft OneNote. OneNote offers at least four advantages so far. The first, is that it makes it very easy to organize raw information by case and then variable using pages and subpages. Second, it makes it very easy to get information into OneNote from sources like google books. Use zotero to download the book citation automatically, and drag and drop it into OneNote. Then use OneNote’s screen capture option to quickly copy and paste the relevant page(s) out of google books. Third, OneNote will automatically OCR those book images for you allowing you to either search for words later or to copy and paste the text directly into a word doc. Fourth, OneNote will export to a word doc or a pdf, splitting sections based on the case and variable headings you set up in your pages and subpages which allows you reorganize thing easily before putting out a final product.


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