Friendly News Coverage: May 2013 UCSD Team wins award for "Analyzing Social Divisions using Cell Phone Data"


prix-bestscientific-800x567My team in the Dpt. of Mathematics at UCSD headed by David Meyer and including Orest Bucicovschi, Megha Ram, David Rideout, and Dongjin Song won the “Best Scientific Paper” in the D4D Challenge for our work on mapping social cleavages in the Côte d’Ivoire using cell phone traffic. Check out Orange Telecommunication’s discussion of our paper and award  and the UCSD newspaper The Gaurdian report.

The location of each antenna is colored to indicate the network community computed for it.  These network communities appear to follow primary language boundaries (for 60 dialects in Côte d’Ivoire, which are grouped into 4 major languages indicated by greyscale shading) more closely than political or geographic boundaries (not shown). Further, areas with high population density (Abidjan inset) show clustering at a neighborhood level which exceeds the resolution of existing language data.



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