Fast Spatial Joins in Python with a Spatial Index


I often have to execute spatial joins between points and polygons, of say bombing events and the boundaries of the district they took place in. Quantum GIS uses ftools to execute these kinds of spatial joins, but failed on on a relatively modest join of 40k points and 9k boundaries. I could do the join in POSTGIS but I don’t want the overhead of a full spatial database for some quick analysis.┬áThe whole operation took only a few minutes to write up and few seconds to run in python, using the package pyshp to load shapefiles, rtree to build the spatial index, and shapely to do the final boundary check.

import shapefile
import shapely

#Load the shapefile of polygons and convert it to shapely polygon objects
polygons_sf = shapefile.Reader("C:/PolygonShapeFile.shp")
polygon_shapes = polygons_sf.shapes()
polygon_points = [q.points for q in polygon_shapes ]
from shapely.geometry import Polygon
polygons = [Polygon(q) for q in polygon_points]

#Load the shapefile of points and convert it to shapely point objects
points_sf = shapefile.Reader("C:/PointShapeFile.shp")
point_shapes = points_sf.shapes()
from shapely.geometry import Point
point_coords= [q.points[0] for q in point_shapes ]
points = [Point(q.points[0]) for q in point_shapes ]

#Build a spatial index based on the bounding boxes of the polygons
from rtree import index
idx = index.Index()
count = -1
for q in polygon_shapes:
    count +=1
    idx.insert(count, q.bbox)

#Assign one or more matching polygons to each point
matches = []
for i in range(len(points)): #Iterate through each point
    temp= None
    print "Point ", i
    #Iterate only through the bounding boxes which contain the point
    for j in idx.intersection( point_coords[i]):
        #Verify that point is within the polygon itself not just the bounding box
        if points[i].within(polygons[j]):
            print "Match found! ",j
    matches.append(temp) #Either the first match found, or None for no matches

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