Labeling Data for Image Segments Using Dropbox and Google Docs

For machine vision projects, I often need a quick and easy way to label images as training data. After a long false start with exporting images as cells in an excel file, I found a rather elegant online solution using dropbox to host image segments and google spreadsheets for labeling by myself or research assistants.


Extracting Data from Printed Tables in Historical Documents

A remarkable amount of data are hiding in historical records in hand written forms, electronic printouts, or typed tables. This post describes methods I use for three types of difficult documents consistently structured forms, inconsistently structured forms, and near machine readable tables.


Archival Research on an Industrial Scale Part 1

Political scientists and historians face at least four major problems in conducting archival research: time, resources, identifying the key information, and making that information available to others for replication purposes. Together these problems either put serious archival work out of the reach of graduate students/junior faculty or they encourage brief/shallow trips where the exercise becomes [...]

Archival Research: Custom Zotero Translators

With more and more archival material being put up on the web, it is important to have a system for downloading and organizing that material for your research. I use zotero for all of my citation management because 1) it automatically pulls cites and files from the web and 2) it can store them to [...]